Monday, September 11, 2006

Cool beach on the island where you can explore and swim around huge boulders


Anonymous said...

Look its the Cuzzes!!! Nice blogs, tho I don't see any of our recent pictures up there. I see where your priorities are. Haha. Just teasing. How's guitar playing going??
Well Miss you both, and have a great day!! See you soon!! (shh, we have to get another one of those mountain sandwiches) - yummy

Love Angie

Anonymous said...

hello cuz!!! yess mmm i could eat one of those mountain sandwiches now!! and our pictures will be up on here sooooon... i had to work in order that the pics happened... hehe!!! ahh and the guitar playing is going.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have started so many bloggers its insane. I have a myspace, and an xanga one, and a yahoo 360. Crazy huh? I started one of these ones, but I don't like the way it uploads pictures.
Our whole family should link to each others blog sites...neat huh?
Well, behave cuz..

Jayme said...

Hullo!!! From the SOuth of Ohio. I like your blog you'll have to go see mine. We should be co-bloggers if you can find out how to do it. Bethany says to tell you that she misses you. Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Yes somehow we should all be able to make links to get to each others blogs... its just I haven't quite figured out yet how to do that!! hehe!